Polka Tots

Polka Tots is our room for children between the ages of two and three years. This is the largest room in our setting, which allows us to accommodate up to 20 children. Two year olds are cared for in a maximum ratio of 4 children to 1 one member of staff.

The children are looked after by highly qualified and experienced staff, who devises individual learning plans for every child. This ensures that each child’s needs are met in a caring and stimulating environment, allowing them to reach their full potential.

The children have independent access to a wide range of activities, with free flow access to the outdoor area.

Indoors the children have a quiet area to look and share books and have a well earned rest, sand and water play along with messy play, a role play area that is changed regularly to keep up with the children’s changing interests, construction area, mark making area, table tops to do craft and practice fine manipulative skills and plenty of small worlds play is on offer to stretch the children’s imagination. For those younger children who cannot get through our busy day without a sleep we offer a

Indoors there is an adjoining kitchen for the preparation of all food and drinks, a bathroom that is equipped for toilet training a separate changing area.

Outdoors is set up every morning to mirror those activities offered indoors.  In addition to these activities we have a garden with a mud kitchen and digging area, flower and vegetable beds where we grow our own, sensory beds where we can see, smell, and touch different plants and herbs and a large slide. We also have an area which is covered by a large safety service, where the children can ride their bikes, walk along the balancing beams and climb the climbing frames. There is also a large sand pit, a summer house and decking area.  Also within the school grounds there is a large playing field with a fairy garden, wildlife areas and a tyre park for us all to explore.